I’m freelance filmmaker and (impact)producer based in Amsterdam. My fascination for people, social development and the moving aspects of life took me to study Film at the University of Amsterdam.  Additionally I studied ‘Visual Ethnography’ at the department of Anthropology at the University of Leiden. In search of ways to make storytelling impactful for systemic change, I added  a specialisation in ‘multi-stakeholder process design’ at the University of Wageningen to my CV in 2015.

In the last 10 years I made over 50 films for a broad range of clients, across a wide range of subject matters, all over the world. I worked for several television and documentary productions and as a communication advisor and strategist. The recently coined profession of ‘impactproducer’ combines the red threads in my work. This is where idealism, art and strategy blend together. In my leisure time I work as a voluntary talent-coach and enjoy riding my racebike.

“Where people meet and worlds overlap, values have to be re-evaluated. That is where I will be searching for movement and small scale transformation. Stories of change.

It is my passion to give such movements face and voice via visual storytelling and audience engagement. For me, it turns out that inspiration and new storylines always develop from the bottom up. That keeps me patient and inspired.”